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"When only memories remain, let them be beautiful."


Bellevue Memorial Gardens and Chapel was founded in 1967. It is a Perpetual Care memorial gardens and has been registered as such with the Georgia Secretary of State office. There are numerous benefits of being a State registered Perpetual Care Memorial Cemetery. Some of the benefits are:


A. The State makes it a requirement for maintenance goals to be met by the cemetery controllers.

B. There is a requirement for money to be trusted in an irrevocable trust fund for long term maintenance.

C. There is a requirement that Bronze memorials are used to ensure that the names of the deceased will always be legible.

D. There are reviews of records to ensure that the business is operating above board and in a professional manner.


A major difference in city cemeteries, church cemeteries and backyard family cemeteries is that there are no requirements in place regarding perpetual maintenance and they are prohibited by most Georgia counties.


For many of the aforementioned reasons, this caused the rise in the State of Georgia's registered memorial cemeteries. This website is dedicated to showing people in our communities the value and benefits of the well managed Perpetual Care Cemetery. We are also going to explain the vital importance of Pre-need fulfillment that is provided by our Funeral Directors and Cemeteries. There has been many experiences by many people who haven't had the opportunity to visit a place to remember their loved ones. At Bellevue Memorial Gardens, we want to educate the public on the value of pre-need planning and how important it is to make these arrangements now and not when they are needed.  














Review our Community “Discount Savings” Awards

Please review our “Online Awards Program” that allows for pre-need savings, such as, choice of space, burial vaults, and bronze memorials. In our single and double designs, the memorials are included in the crypt cost. Bellevue will also include, at no additional cost, an 18 gauge steel casket that comes in Platinum or Champagne color.


With Bellevue, Additional Family Protection is included which means that all children and grandchildren of those that pre-plan and purchase using our “Online Awards Program”, are covered. This applies from age 1 all the way up to their 18th birthday AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. We do require a birth certificate or a copy of legal adoption.



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